Full USB support on the way

USB Devices at Gold Rush? It’s finally going to happen. Read on…

For two seasons and two cabinets, there have been one set of high scores. (Well, two actually, but I can’t get the data off Isis…) Those scores lived on the box, and nobody except me could have them, mwahahaha. But we thought that couldn’t last, and so very soon we will be finally enabling USB support on the machine. However, it will work slightly differently to that normally seen with In The Groove.

We do not use the In The Groove or In The Groove 2 folders at all. Instead, we use our own folder called “Gold Rush” that follows the standard USB save convention. However, your data is compatible. If you make a duplicate of your In The Groove or In The Groove 2 folder and call it “Gold Rush”, you’ll have already imported your data ready for Gold Rush.

As a result, we aren’t signing profile data. There are obvious disadvantages, for example people can create a profile of 100% scores for everything. However, with an unsigned profile the scores will not be transferable to a site like GrooveStats. Moreover, the ultimate arbiter of high scores on our machine will be the machine’s very own profile, and so a person parading 100%s on their profiles who cannot then achieve the scores will be vociferously mocked by all.

We did consider using the ITG data. However, there are two reasons we chose not to. Firstly, we do not want to be able to even potentially interfere with data from original saves and then be blamed for the loss of data (where are your backups people?) from using OpenITG. Secondly, there is no confirmed standard for what OpenITG cabinets are to use as their folder name. Some use OpenITG, others In The Groove 3, others random stuff. By using Gold Rush, you know that any data in that folder came from our cabinets. Unless you edited it of course, you dirty cheater you.

Custom songs will be enabled, but reasonably time-limited. If you get caught trying (and failing) to play 75-minute songs on our machine without permission, don’t expect to be welcome in the arcade in future. Additionally, we kept custom speed modifiers disabled for the time being due to ongoing problems with OpenITG being overzealous in its caching of custom modifiers. Once we know it’s stable, it will be re-enabled when possible.

For those who never had an In The Groove save to work with, one will be uploaded with instructions soon.