Gold Rush Aperture

The next machine dance tournament will take place on April 2nd 2011. And… it’s not even a tournament. Confused? Not as much as we are.

Gold Rush Aperture

Date: April 2nd 2011
Location: Gold Rush, Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth
Time: 10:30am – whenever people decide they want to go home, which hopefully will be some time later than 10:31am
Entry Fee: Haven’t decided yet, certainly not more than four pounds but probably a couple of quid to cover the costs of the freeplay bit, and then pay-as-you-play
Competition Rules: I’ll make them up as I go along

Entry criteria: You must be able to play the game

Prize fund: None

Gold Rush Aperture is the fifth event to be hosted on the machine at Gold Rush, and it’s the first “Tournameet”. The idea: you play and have fun and take it as seriously as you want, we run a tournament with a format so radical it will probably be an epic disaster. But that’s half the point.

Aim of the day for “competitiors”

We would like as many people as possible with as many skill levels as possible to turn up and join in a “competition”, meet some people and have fun on our machine. After the competition has ended, we’d like you to carry on playing. That’s it. Heck, we might even throw in some non-video game stuff into the day as well. It’s about having a bit of fun in Great Yarmouth (which considering it’s April I’m doing my best to sell…)

Aim of the day for “organisers”

arceast would like to try a very interesting tournament format for our next competition in September/October. However, it could do with a bit of real-life testing. And that needs people. So help us out, please. Otherwise you’ll leave poor Welly looking like a right muppet when the thing goes wrong on serious day.


Here are the current rules. They are quite close to final, not that they’re particularly binding, but barely anyone reads them anyway. Please have a look at them, I tried my best to make them interesting.