Machine Update

A small machine update was applied today, just in time for the tournament. A brief summary of the update:

  • Modifications were made to the theme, which was actually installed this time.
  • There is an indication of a personal best for USB profiles during the evaluation screen.
  • Three new songs have been added.

The following changes were applied to the machine on September 18th:

Theme (revision 14a)

An unfortunate bug was fixed, where none of the fixes in revisions 13 and 14 of the theme would apply for a small number of players. And by a small number of players, we mean absolutely everyone. Whoopsies!

The gameplay instructions screen now has the song credits in the bottom-right of the screen.

An extra screen was added into the attract sequence.



The following songs had legacy edits which have been removed: Celtic Cross, Dreamin’ Sun, EXOTICA.

In The Groove 3

VerTex¬≥: A “feature” which meant that the song title was always displayed as VerTex3 has now been resolved.


Bagpipe (Extended Version): NEW SONG. Difficulties on single: beginner 1, easy 4, medium 6, hard 8.

hora de verdad: NEW SONG. Difficulties on single: easy 5, medium 7, hard 9, challenge 10. Difficulties on double: easy 5, challenge 10.