Gold Rush MAY-hem

For some reason, we thought we’d do it all again. A switch in tournament format, a switch in sync, and a switch in the position of the cabinet. Oh, and Welly got to join in this time…

Date: Saturday May 9th, 2009

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Tournament Synopsis

Eight players descended on Gold Rush for the second tournament on at the arcade. A new computer, new tournament structure, a new set of competitors and a new special prize for the winner. But who were these eight protagonists?

Wellian and Toraneko were looking to maintain local honour. Although both were present at Revolution, neither took part in the tournament. With “home advantage” in their favour, could they use the song list to their advantage to win the trophy?

Returning for a second crack at victory were the double-act of Kikojui and Kramm, who finished 10th and 9th at Revolution. But with both playing better and Kramm fast improving, could they be taking the trophy to North Norfolk?

Alongside them were two new faces, Aaron and Tar-Q, both also making their competitive débuts, who were also representing the North of Norfolk. Maybe these unknown quantities could provide the winner.

Does Dancing_Ninja count as yokel? maxxx_unlimited certainly doesn’t, but they had both made the journey to Great Yarmouth – maxxx from Essex – to try and break up the Norfolk party.

Round 1

The most significant thing about Swiss tournaments is the completely random first round. Unfortunately Wellian had lost his marbles (or to be more precise his pool balls) so out came the pieces of paper.

Pick of the first round matches was top of the bill Kramm v Kikojui, a repeat of the loser’s final from Revolution. Opening the billing was Kramm’s pick of Dawn Perpetual Mix, but it was Kikojui who took first blood with an 88.48%. Kramm recovered to take the reverse pick with a 96.49% on Sexy Planet Momo Mix – the highest score of the day – leaving the music wheel to pick the deciding song.

Cue Wellian’s intervention, firstly to trigger the Chance and secondly to apologise profusely for “choosing” his own file “I am the music man”. Kikojui won the match, but it was a sideshow to everyone else dancing around like embarrassing dads at a wedding.

Elsewhere in round 1 Aaron pipped Toraneko 2-1 with a random pick of Yozora no Muko, whilst Dancing_Ninja beat maxxx by the same scoreline thanks to a win on Snake Charmer. It would be Wellian who finished round 1 top of the tree however, with a 2-0 win over Tar-Q.

Round 2

The winners kicked off round 2, with Kikojui safely navigating his way past Aaron 2-0 to book his place in the final. Wellian opened up his match with a 90.48% on Xuxa expert, but Dancing_Ninja struck back with a sightread 96.36% on Whoomph!. The final match was the thoroughly awkward Can’t Help Falling In Love, which Wellian sneaked through 92.78%-92.32% to book his place in the top match at round 3.

The losers matches saw Toraneko chalk up a 2-1 win over Tar-Q and Kramm pick off maxxx 2-0 to take their records to 1-1. Kikojui led the standings from Wellian at this point.

Round 3

The winner of the Kikojui-Wellian match would win the tournament, but With four players on 1-1 records and two of those ready to move to 2-1, the loser wasn’t yet guaranteed second place.

Wellian again picked his own file – a theme for the tournament – but popped out Chronologie VIII (a One False Move clone) and led 1-0. Having seen Kramm take Wellian’s machine record for Baby Seal earlier in the day, Kikojui picked it but both players forgot to change their scroll mods. Wellian coped the better of the two, stumbling to an 88.24% and the victory.

Despite Kikojui dropping 2-1, his tiebreakers meant that he would finish in 2nd place. This was despite Dancing_Ninja and Kramm recording 2-0 wins over Toraneko and Aaron. They finished 3rd and 4th, with Aaron finishing 5th. Toraneko, however, dropped to 7th due to maxxx’s 2-0 win over Tar-Q.

Gold Rush MAY-Hem Results

Round 1

Kramm (choosing song) 1-2 Kikojui (choosing left pad)

Dawn Perpetual Mix SH(9) 87.17-88.41
Sexy Planet Momo Mix SX(7) 96.49-94.08
I am the music man SH(8) 19.40-60.39

Toraneko (left) 1-2 Aaron

Dead End SH(9) 80.92-82.97
Days SX(8) 85.78-80.04
Yozora no muko SH(8) 76.10-87.91

maxxx_unlimited (left) 1-2 Dancing_Ninja

Feels Just Like That Night SX(11) 17.06-75.01
Pluto SH(9) 78.22-9.66
Snake Charmer SH(8) 87.81-92.68

Wellian (right) 2-0 Tar-Q

Misirlou Hyper Mix SH(9) 93.40-78.11
Max 300 SH(10) 73.09-19.92

Round 2

Aaron (left) 0-2 Kikojui

Cartoon Heroes Speedy Mix SH(9) 27.57-88.42
Fly Away (ITG3) SX(9) 81.78-89.86

Dancing_Ninja (song) 1-2 Wellian (left)

Xuxa SX(11) 70.28-90.48
Whoomph! (there it is) SH(7) 96.36-93.42
Can’t Help Falling In Love SH(7) 92.32-92.78

Tar-Q (left) 1-2 Toraneko

Hogism SH(7) 82.28-82.81
Paranoia Survivor SH(10) 13.30-13.22
Night In Motion SH(8) 83.45-92.48

maxxx_unlimited (left) 0-2 Kramm

Hand of Time SX(10) 29.31-85.36
Sakura SH(10) 66.97-80.53

Round 3

Kikojui (left) 0-2 Wellian

Chronologie VIII SX(10) 76.36-86.04
Baby Seal SX(9) 84.74-88.24

Kramm (left) 2-0 Aaron

Drifting Away (ITG1) SX(9) ?-?
Lemmings on the Run SX(9) 80.93-17.03

Toraneko (left) 0-2 Dancing_Ninja

Hands Up SX(11) 28.13-76.35
Flying High SH(8) 93.24-88.83

maxxx_unlimited (left) 2-0 Tar-Q

Saints Go Marching SH(9) ?-?
Healing Vision Angelic Mix SH(9) 89.89-5.46

Final Rankings

1st Wellian (Prizes: Milk Bottle of Intrinsic Awesomeness, baby seal, Toraneko)
2nd Kikojui (£50, one metric pint of cherry Onken)
3rd Dancing_Ninja (£30, bag of Cadbury’s Buttons)
4th Kramm (£20, gashapon of Boo I bought at Sainsbury’s at the last minute) 5th Aaron (one litre of Lucozade Energy Original)
6th maxxx_unlimited (230g bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk)
7th Toraneko (Wellian)
8th Tar-Q (Wooden Spoon of Last Place Consolation, bag of Haribo)